Thursday, July 2, 2015

Asparagus with lime and cojita cheese

I think we'll still see asparagus at the Oak Park Farmers' Market this weekend, even as the July fruits and vegetables start to appear. I've written about my kids' favorite vegetable before, but this summer we found grated Cotija cheese at Costco and Tom came up with this recipe. Cotija is the same cheese that's used in elote, a Mexican corn on the cob sometimes sold from street carts and at festivals.

Asparagus with Lime and Cojita
  • Fresh aspargus
  • (optional) butter
  • Fresh lime juice
  • grated (dried) Cojita cheese 
  • Kosher or sea salt
  • Pepper
Trim and wash asparagus. Place in a large saucepan or deep large skillet and add cold water just to cover the asparagus. Cover pan and turn heat to high. Set timer for 5 minutes. Check at 4 minutes for smaller stalks. 

When timer goes off (or asparagus is done) drain in colander. Transfer to plate. Spread with optional butter (about a teaspoon) if feeling indulgent. Squeeze fresh lime juice on asparagus to taste. Add salt (sparingly - cheese is also salty) and pepper to taste. Finish off with generous amounts of Cojita cheese. 

If my kids are around, they'll be in the kitchen stealing stalks before the dish gets to the table. Happy July! 

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